Glasnock House

Dear Rebecca, We are simply loving Glasnock in so many ways. Not only its beautiful surroundings (I think my photos have now reached 200!) but also the house itself. The design is brilliant! I love the two wings, the fact that guests stay downstairs, the big entrance hall, and utility room etc. You have put so much thought into the design and it really shines through. Have eaten really well on lobsters, langoustines, squat lobster tails – fab – but the effect has registered on the bathroom scales !! Anyway, already one week in, and I’m already anticipating the down feeling as “going home” time looms up !! However, if Glasnock is going to be available next year, we will definitely be coming back – perhaps both in the Spring and the Autumn. Glasnock has restorative powers !! Warmest wishes to you Rebecca, (August 2013)

Peter & Pat